Jim McMahon: No Longer ‘Have Thoughts Of Killing Myself’

Former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon (CBS)

Former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon (CBS)

(CBS) Former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon has dealt with his fair share of issues since he walked away from the NFL in 1996 after a 15-year career.

His struggles with dementia were well-documented in CBS 2’s in-depth look into the Super Bowl-winning quarterback’s life.

Friday on The Dan Patrick Show, McMahon, who will receive part of the NFL’s $765 million settlement with its former players, said he’s feeling better lately and no longer has suicidal thoughts.

“My head is not full of fluid,” McMahon said. “It’s not pounding. I can actually get up in the morning and walk down the hall and feel good.

“I still have the dementia, (but) I don’t have the sharp pains. I don’t have the thoughts of killing myself.”