CHICAGO (CBS) — Pope Francis is asking people of all faiths to fast and pray for violence in Syria.

Cardinal George says it is not only people of Muslim faith that are being hurt by violence in Syria.

“Seven or eight percent of the population has been Christian. Those minorities, Christian in this case, are lost battle between other forces.,” said Cardinal George.

But he says it is not uncommon for a sitting Pope to pray for international peace. The Cardinal spoke with Newsradio after blessing a shrine at Mass at St. Philomena Church in the Hermosa neighborhood.

“This is the first time I think he said for an international conflict that he wants a special day, but it is consistent entirely with everything else. He is a man of gestures, isn’t he? Much more so than with words,” said Cardinal George.

The Cardinal adds that the Pope is calling for a non-violent , diplomatic approach to finding peace in Syria.

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