(CBS) — Former Cubs star and current interim Phillies manager talked with Connor McKnight and Barry Rozner on the Hit and Run Show Sunday morning.

Sandberg said it was clear that he would have to move to another organization if he wanted to be a manager at the major league level.

“I was able to be in their minor league system for four years and there were two opportunities with managerial changes and the sense that I got was that I would not be in the mix and I would not be coaching at the major league level for the Chicago Cubs. For me, that was fairly loud and clear.

“Once I figured out managing at the lower levels that this was something that I want to do at the major league level, if I wanted to continue with that goal, then for me it made sense to take another offer and go to the Phillies who called right away when things fell through with the Cubs.”

To hear more thoughts from the former Cub great and Phillies interim manager, listen to the full interview below.

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