CHICAGO (CBS) — Reverend Jesse Jackson applauds Mayor Emanuel’s apology for the actions of former police Commander John Burge but says much more is needed from the City. WBBM’s Nancy Harty reports.

Standing with six wrongfully incarcerated men, Jackson called the Mayor’s apology a welcome gesture but says it needs to go much further than that.

“This is not about the Mayor. The Mayor has just been in office for a few years. These men have been in jail for as long as the Mayor is old,” said Jackson.

He wants a commission with subpoena powers set up to review how Burge was able to torture suspects for so long.

Attorney Flint Taylor estimates there are 121 Burge victims – and he says only 18 of them have received settlements so far.

Andre Davis spent 32 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and says prosecutors didn’t even acknowledge their mistakes before releasing him from the state’s supermax prison.

“You would think they would call me back to Champaign County and put me in front of a court and say ok, we apologize. We’re officially dropping the charges. No,” said Davis.

The group is asking the City to set up a fun for Burge victims, a chance for more of them still behind bars to get new hearings and the state to establish a truth and reconciliation commission.

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