Shedd To Celebrate Birthday Of Oldest Living Fish In Captivity

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John Cody. John Cody
John Cody is a veteran reporter for Newsradio 780.
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Granddad,  an Australian Lungfish. (Credit: Shedd Aquarium)

Granddad, an Australian Lungfish. (Credit: Shedd Aquarium)

CHICAGO (CBS) — The oldest fish in captivity, anywhere, is getting an anniversary party for his 80th year at the Shedd Aquarium where he arrived in 1933 as an attraction for the Chicago World’s Fair.

“He really does look like a submerged log or a torpedo,” said Collections Manager Michelle Sattler.

Granddad is an Australian Lungfish with both gills and one lung and fins that help him crawl from a dry puddle to one that still has water.

Sattler says he’ll be honored for making 80 years at least with an aquatic birthday cake in the morning.

“The base of it is ice to hold together all of his favorite treats, melt, krill, clam, grapes, lettuce,” said Sattler.

For all the hoopla surrounding this esteemed senior, Granddad seems unmoved—literally. At 25 pounds and 4 feet long, he lingers near the habitat floor like a fallen log. Except to catch some air.

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