CHICAGO (CBS) — A radar meteorologist at Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont has been recognized for contributions in his field at a relatively young age.

“Only in my field could 35 be considered young,” Dr. Scott Collis joked.

Collis has been named by Popular Science magazine as one of its “Brilliant 10” this year. The “Brilliant 10” list is made up of scientists under the age of 40 who have made contributions in their fields.

“As I went through my studies, and my PhD, I became fascinated by the weather; and mainly because of my skiing, and hiking in the outdoors,” he said.

Collis is from Australia, and worked for a few years in the Australian version of the National Weather Service. The U.S. Department of Energy caught notice of his work, and offered him a job at Argonne.

His job is to help make the modeling of precipitation from weather radar more exact than it is now, helping to determine what kind and size of cloud makes how much rain or snow.

“I can go outside and legitimately say I’m being paid to watch the clouds,” Collis said.

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