(CBS) — It was a terrifying carjacking that lead to a high speed chase and a dramatic crash.

The suspect drove in a stolen car from Hammond Indiana before crashing on Chicago’s West Side. The victim of that carjacking tells his story to CBS 2’s Pamela Jones.

William Tatum says the carjacking started with, “a handgun right to my face.”

It ended with the suspect totaling his Monte Carlo after a case police say reached a 100 miles-an-hour. It happened about two weeks ago.

Tatum says his car was parked in his Hammond driveway and he’d just changed the oil.

“My car was still running to let the oil feed through the motor. Then when I came out of the garage a man was standing there,” said Tatum.

That man was identified as 32-year-old Donnie Hampton. A man police say was already running from Gary officers when he stole a bike at gunpoint in Gary just off Cline Avenue.

He crashed it, then ran across Cline into nearby woods in Hammond right through Tatum’s backyard.

“He said I don’t want to kill you but if I have to I will. I just need your ride,” said Tatum.

Officers from the region stop team were already hot on the suspect’s trail.

The suspect totaled the car at Laramie and Ferdinand in Chicago after a police pursuit, leaving this hardworking union laborer with payments to make on a vehicle he only has photos of now.

“When I see these pictures I get sick to my stomach because it’s something I worked my butt off to get, you know. And now I don’t have it anymore. And my insurance company is dragging their feet,” said Tatum.

The suspect is being held in Cook County on a list of charges and no bond.
His charges in Indiana include robbery, carjacking and pointing a firearm.

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