(CBS) — Kathy Gaarde’s husband and daughter spoke tonight about her loss, about the Chicago native who was one of those killed in Monday’s D.C. rampage.

“With everything going on, I want them to know she lived. She’s not a number,” said Jessice Gaarde, the victim’s daughter.

“I don’t know where my life goes now. She was my partner. We had plans to do things and now it’s gone,” said Doug Gaarde, the victim’s husband.

Doug Gaarde told CBS 2’s Mike Parker tonight, by email, “She was born and raised in Chicago and was proud of her home town.”

“She was so caring and she’d do anything for anyone she loved,” said Jessica Gaarde.

We’re learning that Aaron Alexis called Rhode Island police last month and told them he heard voices, feared he might be harmed, and believed a microwave machine was sending vibrations into his body to keep him from sleeping.

Melinda Downs, a woman he lived with in Texas confirms he suffered from insomnia.

“It’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Who was this guy? The guy I knew that was so honorable,” said Downs.

Sources say Alexis had been treated recently by the VA for mental problems including paranoia. At Great Lakes Naval Training Station in North Chicago and at other navy bases, security procedures will undergo a thorough review.

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