CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s one thing to be the best beer in the city, but to make the list of the best beers in the world? That’s a bit more impressive.

It took Stanford computer scientists to create what is arguably the best system for determining something many hold dear: the best beers in the world.

Putting experience first, Stanford University computer science post-doc Julian McAuley and assistant professor Jure Leskovec wrote a paper on how individuals gain expertise and taste relative to their experiences.

From there, they were able to cull out the beginners from the experts on any given rating or review website.

Business Insider, in their infinite wisdom, asked McAuley and Leskovec to identify the most experienced drinkers on the most popular beer-rating website, Using these experts — the best of the best — they then made a list of the 20 best beers not in a single city, or state, or even country, but in the world.

So how did Chicago fare? Pretty well, considering Chicago’s Goose Island made the list.

It was Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout, which came in at number nine…


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