GRIFFITH, Ind. (CBS) — Residents in Griffith, Ind., have been losing a lot of sleep, and it’s going to continue for at least a couple weeks, after the town made a deal to allow tanker trucks to use a stretch of Cline Avenue 24 hours a day.

People living on Cline avenue were upset they were not informed of the project until a day after round-the-clock hauling began last week.

“This is a small residential street with a stop sign at every single block,” said Susan Nowlin, who counted 29 trucks in one hour alone.

“None of us have had a quiet night’s sleep,” she added. “For them to run continuously at night, it’s horrible.”

The Enbridge Energy Company has to truck 29 million gallons of water to Lake Michigan, one tanker truck at a time, following government-required pressure testing of its pipeline.

The water is being hauled at a rate of 100 trucks every 12 hours.

Enbridge said it made a deal with the town to use Cline Avenue, and paid the town more than $700,000 for any street damage, but Nowlin said residents weren’t told about the plan until after the project started.

The town council admitted that was a mistake.

The company says the trucks will continue rolling until they’re done, and expects to have all the water hauled by the end of the month.

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