CHICAGO (CBS) — Several members of Congress from the Chicago area will be refusing to take their paychecks or will donate them to charity during the government shutdown.

North suburban congressman Brad Schneider (10th) says that people don’t get paid if they don’t work “in the real” world and that since Congress isn’t working, he shouldn’t get paid either.

Schneider says, “I felt the responsible thing to do is to return my pay while we have this irresponsible, unnecessary shutdown affecting people in their everyday life.”

Democratic Rep. Bill Foster will be donating his paycheck to charity and Republican Randy Hultgren will be giving back his paycheck.

Newsradio contacted Rep. Robin Kelly and she said she intends to keep her paychecks.

Most members of Congress are paid $174,000 a year.

That breaks down to $669.23 per day for a five-day work week.

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