Adolfo Zuniga Jr. (Chicago Police Dept.)

Adolfo Zuniga Jr. (Chicago Police Dept.)

(CBS) — Caught on camera, a gunman points his weapon into a Little Village bar and opens fire.

A bartender was shot in the incident Wednesday.

Police were just a couple of seconds behind the suspect and arrested him. Thursday, they announced criminal charges against Adolfo Zuniga Jr.

In the surveillance video of the crime, a bartender opens the front door, spots the suspect and backs up. In a blink, he’s looking down the barrel of a .45. The suspect fires, then runs.

The bartender, who was hanging out at the bar and getting ready to close one minute, falls wounded as his girlfriend watches and frantically calls for help.

Zuniga, 27, was arrested for aggravated battery and use of a deadly weapon.

The bar owner believes he was walking around 24th and Washtenaw hoping to target a rival gang member but settled for the first guy he saw.

“I was like, where am I at? Am I in some Third World country?” he says of seeing the surveillance video.

The owner installed a legion of cameras all over the lounge because he says gang shootings have left their mark here and all over the neighborhood.

Neighbors say there’s an ongoing gang war in that part of Little Village. Ald. George Cardenas says his office is working with the police commander in that district.

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