(WSCR) While the severity of Jay Cutler’s groin injury isn’t known yet, one Bears expert is preparing for the worst.

All I know is he’s got an MRI today and the team is quietly bracing itself for bad news,” Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune told The Mully and Hanley Show.

Cutler suffered the injury in the second quarter of yesterday’s loss to the Redskins after he was sacked by defensive lineman Chris Baker.

“He looked in terrible pain, but the play itself, if you go back and watch it, there’s a sack and there’s nothing malicious about it,” Biggs said. “We know how tough Cutler is, so it’s not a question of that. What’s wrong there with him now? We’ll see.”

So, if Cutler’s out, what’s next for the Bears?

“Josh McCown came in and played well, guys,” Biggs said. “He gave the offense a spark. He drove the offense. They started slow with him with simple things, and before it’s over, he’s making plays downfield to Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. But, if he’s the starter, what will happen is opponents will prepare differently for the Bears offense than they do with Jay Cutler.”

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