(CBS) Though it’s been over a week since Brandon Marshall said notorious headhunter Brandon Meriweather has no place in the NFL, the Redskins safety had a strong response to the Bears wide receiver.

“He feel like I need to be kicked out of the league? I feel like people who beat their girlfriends should be kicked out, too,” Meriweather said Monday.

“You tell me who you’d rather have: Somebody who play aggressive on the field, or somebody who beat up their girlfriend?”

Marshall’s initial comments on Meriweather came after the Bears loss to the Redskins on October 20, where Meriweather was flagged twice for hitting a defenseless receiver.

Meriweather was suspended two games for his illegal hits, but that suspension has since been reduced to one game.

In March of 2007, Marshall was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence after his girlfriend reported that following a domestic dispute, he prevented a taxi she was in from leaving his house. Those charges were later dismissed after Marshall completed anger management counseling,

Marshall was also accused of hitting a woman outside a night club in New York in 2012.

When asked how he needs to change his game play to avoid further suspensions, Meriweather had an interesting response.

“You gotta go low now,” he said. “You gotta end people’s careers. You gotta tear people’s ACLs, mess up people’s knees now. You can’t hit them the way –  you can’t hit them high anymore. Just go low.”

Meriweather also said he didn’t use his helmet on either play.

“I didn’t use my head in neither one of the hits,” he said. “I know everybody’s looking at the tape and saying, ‘Oh, he’s a dirty player. He’s this, he’s that,’ which I get. But if anybody goes and looks at the tape, I didn’t use my head in neither hit.”

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