CHICAGO (CBS) — Inside was the announcement, outside was the protest over plans to move the CPS Military Academy into the Ames Middle School.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel presided over announcement that the Marine Math and Science Unit would move from Phoenix Academy on Campbell into Ames.

The move will expand the number of military academy seats in the system by 1,200.

“Around 80 percent graduate from high school, whereas system-wide it is about 65 percent. They are setting the standard for where we want the whole system to move. 90 percent of the kids that go to these high schools are accepted and go to a four-year college,” said Emanuel.

Ames parent Jacqueline Torres is okay with military academies, just not the process.

“No one told us that this was going on. We’ve heard little rumors here and there but no one came to us and told us that this was taking action,” said Torres.

School board vice president Jesse Ruiz said it was all on the up and up.

“The Alderman had a community forum. He got petitions with 1,100 signatures I understand,” said Ruiz.

In the fall, Marine cadets will report to the underutilized Ames Middle school at Armitage and Hamlin and Army cadets will remain at Phoenix Military Academy, which will be expanded.

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