CHICAGO (CBS) — A six-year-old boy was shot and seriously wounded Wednesday afternoon in the Gage Park neighborhood, according to police.

He was shot in the shoulder around 5:40 p.m. in the 5600 block of South Mozart, and was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in serious condition.

The mother of the 6-year-old told CBS 2’s Pamela Jones that he’s breathing on a respirator.

Silvia Valencia’s 6-year-old son and two of his brothers — ages 7 and 19 — were riding in a car when a suspect fired shots. The 19-year-old was driving to a house near 57th and Mozart when the gunfire erupted.

Through a translator, the mother said, “She can’t imagine right now what her son is going through. That right now, he’s a little but more stable, but the bullet did go through. It went in though the chest and came out the back. So right now, they put morphine and they’re trying to control him and they’re going to put him on the fourth floor right now and we’re gonna see how he does from there.”

Chicago Police say they have no suspects.

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