(CBS) — Hundreds of young men and women showed up Thursday for a brief chat with casting directors in the hopes of landing what are billed as “major roles” in “Star Wars: Episode 7.”

The spiel from a casting director came when the hopefuls were finally inside the Park West after a line that stretched around the block.

It was all for about 20 to 30 seconds, one-on-one with a casting director.

More young men than young women showed up for the meet-and-greet.

Many of them had brought head-shots. Nobody showed up in a Star Wars costume, following directions from the directors.

Chicago is one of six American cities where Lucasfilm Ltd. is looking for young women to play Rachel (a 17- to 18-year-old who’s “beautiful, smart and athletic”) and young men to play Thomas (a 19- to -23-year-old who’s “handsome, smart and athletic.”).

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