(WSCR) – Here are this weeks Over/Unders for Spiegs and Holmes.



Ravens worst running team in NFL – 2.8 per carry – the worst in NFL
Bears one of worst run D’s in NFL – 4.5 yards per carry – 26th best
Who improves most in respective department probably great chance of winning
O/U for Ravens Yards Per Carry:  3.55 ypc
Laurence – Over    Spiegs – Under

Josh McCown been outstanding
Nearly tied the game up in 1 drive last week
Awesome in Green Bay and in Washington
Hasn’t turned the ball over — can he do it again?
O/U for Josh McCown turnovers:  0.5
Laurence – Over     Spiegs – Over

Bears need to get after Joe Flacco
He’s shown even with his Super Bowl ring that he’ll turn the ball over
5 picks earlier this year in Buffalo
3 INT in last 4 games though…less pressure faced as well
Bears need to find way to pressure him
Bears just 14 sacks this year – tied with Giants for second fewest in league
Have to get pressure….
O/U for Bears QB Hits/Sacks Sunday:  4.5
Laurence – Over    Spiegs – Over

No Tillman – who slows down Torrey Smith?
One of the fastest receivers in the NFL
Long play of 74 yards this year – In Buffalo
5 of 9 games this year he’s had play of 40 yards or more
Can Bears take away huge play from him?
O/U for Torrey Smith Longest Play:  38.5 Yards
Laurence – Under     Spiegs – Over

Shots of Jay Cutler’s ankle
Either on sideline or shot of cast from practice this week
O/U for shots of Cutler’s ankle:  3.5
Laurence – Under     Spiegs – Over

Phil Simms says “Anytime” all the time
O/U for times Simms says “Anytime”:  4.5
Laurence – Over      Spiegs – Under

Phil Simms also says “talked about” every chance he gets
According to Phil Simms Quotes on Twitter…
He gave 28 “Talked about”s last week
Can he go that high again?
O/U for Phil Simms “Talked About” in first half Sunday:  11.5
Laurence – Over     Spiegs – Under

Callers love calling him “McNown or McCow-in” or any other wrong way
Any chance a professional broadcaster does?
O/U for Mispronunciations of McCown during broadcast:  1.5
Laurence – Over      Spiegs – Over

Deep Dish Pizza – Jon Stewart brought it up this week
All part of the Viacam family.
O/U for shots or mentions of Deep Dish Pizza:  0.5
Laurence – Over     Spiegs – Over

Camera Shots on the River
Fox always does it…does CBS?
We’ll find out Sunday
O/U for camera shots on the boat as it moves down the river:  0.5
Laurence – Under     Spiegs – Over

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