HOMEWOOD (CBS) — It was a tense afternoon for everyone living or working near a Bank of America branch in Homewood following a robbery and manhunt.

Charges are pending against three suspects who allegedly staged a takeover robbery at a the bank, but it was the four-hour manhunt for two of the suspects that had the neighborhood on edge.

The robbery at the Homewood Bank of America branch and the subsequent manhunt triggered a major response, including specialized units armed with heavy weapons.

“There was like a convoy of police vehicles on the way up here. We pulled up, they got people in swat vests, FBI, people in camouflage all over the place with assault rifles. It’s crazy,” said Homewood resident Heather Schrieber.

According to the FBI, around 10:30 a.m., two armed robbers entered, announced a stickup, got their cash, and fled on foot, joined by an accomplice outside. John Westbrook says a friend who works at an insurance office next door saw the escape.

“He saw three guys run by, that’s pretty much all he said,” said Westbrook.

Police quickly apprehended one man, and put area schools on lockdown as they searched for two others. Lisa Prosk tried to bring lunch to her kids at Western Elementary School.

“I wanted to actually go into the school and pick them up and they said they would not let me in there to pick them up,” said Prosk.

Around 2:30 p.m., authorities arrested two more suspects in the parking lot of a nearby apartment complex. An awful lot of excitement for a quiet suburb.

“I just applied at the bank a few months ago. I’m almost glad I didn’t get the job now,” said Schrieber.

And fortunately, no one was injured in the robbery.

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