(CBS) – A kink has been worked out of a family-friendly holiday event at Navy Pier.

The traditional Winter Wonder Fest is underway at the lakeside venue, complete with 95 superbly decorated Christmas trees. As WBBM’s Veronica Carter reports, one didn’t make the cut.

There are Disney-themed trees, children’s board-game trees, even one called “Jiminy Christmas.” And then there was the “Fifty Shades of Grey” tree, which Navy Pier spokesman Nick Shields says didn’t quite fit in.

Organizers Tina Carlson from Ivan Carlson take the blame, saying it was a bad idea. The tree was taken down before the public even saw it.

“We made a mistake, and we pulled back on it before the show opened,” Tina Carlson says. ”It was absolutely our mistake. It was nothing that Navy Pier had any prior knowledge of.”

She says a lot of thought goes into the trees every year, and usually they’re very successful –and family friendly.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” is a successful novel for adults that kicked off a series about unconventional sex, including bondage.

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