CHICAGO (CBS) — Things are bustling inside Four Farthings Tavern & Grill in Lincoln Park. Owner John Corry is answering phones every few minutes, confirming reservations and making new ones.

“We have a lot of reservations pouring in. Our dining room tonight is packed,” said Corry.

He says he’s got extra staff on the schedule, liquor is being stocked and the cooks are busy preparing for a packed house.

“Even though it’s a weekday, it’s a Tuesday this year, we prepare like it’s a weekend with the volume we are expecting. We are not a warehouse bar, we’re a neighborhood bar and we are not having a drink package this year because it’s on a Tuesday so we’re expecting lots of people who forgot to make plans, didn’t make plans or is going to make last minute plans and come on over. We’re expecting a busy night.”

But could a New Year’s Eve snow storm affect business? Corry doesn’t think so.

“Because we are a local bar, it won’t impact as as much as the others. Some of the warehouse bars that need 400 people to fill the place, it’ll impact them because many people who celebrate there are coming in from the suburbs. Have you had any cancellations due to the weather? Not a one, thankfully,” Corry said.

A chef preparing for a busy NYE at the Four Farthings. (Credit: Lisa Fielding)

A chef preparing for a busy NYE at the Four Farthings. (Credit: Lisa Fielding)

The National Weather Service predicts three to five inches of snow starting Tuesday afternoon in much of northern Illinois including the Chicago area.

“People in Chicago come out no matter what,” said cook Marchello Merchan. “It’s going to be a fun, busy night.”

New Year’s Eve is second only to St. Patrick’s Day as the busiest night for bars and restaurants in Chicago.

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