Carissa Waters holds a BSN and Certification as a Critical Care Nurse (CCRN) and currently works at Rush University Medical Center. She offers some great advice for those looking to go into the field of nursing.

(Photo Courtesy of Carissa Waters)

(Photo Courtesy of Carissa Waters)

What inspired you to go into nursing?

“I was the kid trying to help when anyone got hurt or wasn’t feeling well. I told everyone that I would be a doctor someday but when I shadowed an ER nurse, everything changed. I realized that what I had always pictured myself doing as a doctor is what nurses do. Also, my grandmother was a nurse and has been an inspiration throughout my education and career. She passed away in October but she will always influence my nursing practice.”

How has your education helped with your overall success?
“My experience of obtaining my BSN from Northern Michigan University gave me access to simulation labs to practice new skills and equipment that rivals any of the university hospitals I’ve worked in. Most importantly, it taught me how to think critically and continuously learn. I learned a lot about leadership, teamwork and advocacy.”

What advice can you give others looking to go into nursing?
“It’s important to know that it’s not glamorous. It’s hard work, but it’s extremely rewarding. I have had some of the most frustrating moments as well as the most inspiring moments of my life as a nurse. If you’re considering a nursing career, honestly ask yourself if you’re able to handle stress, bodily fluids, time constraints, high practice standards and multitasking demands while still being compassionate for the patients and families that are counting on you. That’s what it takes to be a nurse.”

How does technology affect the nursing field?
“The technology in the medical field is ever-changing; it’s important for nurses to be comfortable with technology and with the fact that the equipment you learn how to use today in the field will continue to evolve. That’s why I am so grateful that my education taught me how to continuously learn. In the nursing field, this is an invaluable skill to have.”

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