By Dana Kozlov

(CBS) — Michael Jordan is by far Chicago’s favorite basketball star. Some of MJ’s most prized college possessions are up for auction, but are they real?

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov has a warning from Michael’s mom.

“For the people who are buying the auction you have to make a choice whether or not you believe me or you believe the auction house,” said Delores.

And Delores Jordan says she has nothing to prove. Instead, she’s speaking out against a website auctioning off some valuable documents belonging to her famous son, Michael.

On its website, Goldin Auctions is offering up Jordan’s recruitment letter from the University of North Carolina, a thank you letter from coach Dean Smith and his UNC diploma to the highest bidder. Problem is, says Mrs. Jordan, those documents are merely copies.

“Again, I’m saying I do have the authentics in my vault and pretty much anything that Michael in his younger days into adulthood and he got married, I pretty much have,” said Delores Jordan.

But founder Ken Goldin is defending the documents, claiming he had them authenticated after they were purchased from an unpaid-for storage locker. The documents originally hung on the wall of Jordan’s failed Chapel Hill restaurant.

Goldin’s response to Delores Jordan: Produce her originals.

“I think it is disturbing because for someone else to be using something of someone else’s to try to make money off of it,” said Delores Jordan.

Jordan is arguably the greatest player in the history of the sport. The original documents could be worth lots of money. Delores Jordan would rather see them in a museum someday.

Ken Goldin insists he has the authentic copies and showed up letters of authenticity for both Dean Smith’s letter and the recruitment letter. He says he doesn’t want to sell anything that is not authentic and expresses frustration that Mrs. Jordan refuses to produce the originals.

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