(CBS) — Chicago’s Better Business Bureau has made a list of the top ten scams of last year.

Number one on the list says the Bureau’s Steve Bernas are advanced fee brokers who tell victims they can get a guaranteed loan, but first they have to pay a processing or insurance fee.

“Then they try to get more money as you send them more money and they keep asking for more so some consumers have been duped three or four times before realizing this is a scam,” said Bernas.

Still common at number four, foreign lottery cons in which people are told they have one a jackpot, but first have to pay a processing fee.

“We had a woman in Omaha who lost almost $100,000 to a fake lottery scam and she called us when it was obviously too late,” said Bernas.

Bernas says anytime you are asked for money upfront, be suspicious and check it out with the Better Business Bureau.

The Bureau listed work-at-home schemes at number two, followed by credit repair services with advance fees.

For the full list, click here.

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