By Dana Kozlov

(CBS) — With more snow expected, the pressure’s on to make sure each community has enough road salt to melt it away.

In north suburban Lincolnshire, there have been ongoing supply concerns because demand has been unusually high this season.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports.

“We have 200 tons on order right now and probably 100 tons in our facility,” Lincolnshire’s interim Public Works Director Brad Woodbury said Monday.

That’s down from about 700 tons a bit more than a month ago. The relentless winter, of course, is reason for the dwindling salt supply. Another: supplier delay.

“With influx of salt, the amount of trucks on the roads, they’re not able to get us the salt in the timely fashion that we require,” Woodbury says. “It really makes us think about a different way to approach each event.”

Like using more liquid ice-melters and beet juice.

Still, officials aim to keep the roads as safe as possible until that next salt shipment comes in.

“Should be here any day now, is what we keep hearing,” Woodbury says.

By state contract, Woodbury says Lincolnshire’s supplier has to deliver a salt order in seven days. Monday was that seventh day.

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