CHICAGO (CBS) — The cause of the incident last July in which a 6-year-old boy survived more than three hours buried under 11-feet of sand on Mt. Baldy continues to baffle the experts seven months later.

The miracle on Mt. Baldy remains the Mystery on Mt. Baldy.

Bruce Rowe, with the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, said: “The EPA report of their ground-sensing study of Mount Baldy has shown 66 anomalies, as they’re called, under the dune, within thirty feet of the surface of the dune.”

Six of the anomalies, he says, are clearly metal objects, but the other sixty are mysteries.

They don’t know if they’re holes, like the one that that swallowed up Nathan Woessner.

So it’s going to take more time to study

“But it’s just another indication of more questions that we have than answers,” Rowe said.

The reality, he says, is this truly seems to be a new phenomenon to science.

And until science can determine Mt. Baldy is safe, it will remain closed.

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