(CBS) — With more snow coming, a lot of stuff is getting buried.

Like every community across the area, Skokie is still buried under tons of snow and of course and there is even more on the way.

There has been so much snow here some people haven’t been able to wade through it to take down their Christmas displays.

Over in Aurora firefighters have been trying to uncover some 10,000 fire hydrants buried by plows throwing up snow and ice. They can’t keep up so they’re asking residents to pitch in. It’s called Adopt a Hydrant.

“We’ve got 2100 road miles of streets to clear in the city of Aurora when the plows are out doing that. So that’s quite a bit off snow that comes off the road and piles on top,” said Aurora Fire Chief John Lehman.

Aurora resident Tashia Penny says she would help if she had a hydrant.

“I shovel my front yard all the time. I definitely would,” said Penny.

If firefighters have to spend precious minutes clearing off snow and ice to open the hydrants it could affect their ability to fight fires, it’s a safety issue.

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