By Jim Williams

CHICAGO (CBS) — For first time in the murder plot trial of former Chicago Police officer Steve Mandell we heard from the man prosecutors say Mandell planned to kill.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams was in court Wednesday.

The alleged target of the plot, Steve Campbell, who defendant Mandell nicknamed “Soupy” is a 64 year old widower who owns a lot of real estate.

Campbell testified he was immediately suspicious when Mandell asked about one property.

Steven Campbell told prosecutors in 2011 a hand-written note was inside the screen door of his suburban Riverside home along with a business card with Steve Mandell’s name, the man federal authorities charge was planning to kidnap, extort and murder Campbell, all in an effort to take over Campbell’s property.

Prosecutors say the crime to be carried out at storefront Mandell was renting in the 5300 block of West Devon and that Mandell was going to dismember Campbell’s body there.

They presented evidence: handcuffs, a pistol, handsaws and a power saw.

Wednesday, Campbell testified he called the number on the business card and became alarmed when Mandell said he got Campbell’s home address from one of Campbell’s tenants…

He also testified that Mandell knew of Campbell’s friendship with former Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica.

Campbell said his tenant never would have revealed his home address.

“It raised my personal radar from yellow to orange,” Campbell testified.

Campbell said he was so concerned he turned the note and business card over to the Riverside police chief. Campbell left the court Wednesday afternoon under heavy guard, away from cameras.

Prosecutors also showed the jury video of a phony police car with sirens and radios. Prosecutors say Mandell was going to uses the car to kidnap Campbell.

The FBI also had aerial surveillance of Mandell and they had that video in court, too.

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