(CBS) The NFL Combine has long been known to be forum for team executives to ask odd and sometimes disturbing questions of prospects, but until this past week in Indianapolis, the utility of paper clips wasn’t believed to have ever been a topic of conversation.

Then again, the Cleveland Browns have taken disarray to new levels.

In a story that leaves you shaking your head and explains so much about the dysfunction in Cleveland, the Browns spent portions of their 15-minute interviews with prospects asking, “How many different things can you think of that you can do with a paper clip?” Michael Silver of NFL.com reported.

Seriously. From Silver, who hilariously took the Browns to task:

Presumably, “holding pieces of paper together” was considered a gimme. And I’m fairly certain that none of the potential draftees went with the reply I’d personally prefer … Here’s one: I can straighten it out and stick it right through my eardrums, so that I don’t have to hear another one of these brilliantly constructed, esoteric queries.

The central subject of Silver’s detailed piece is fallout of the Jim Harbaugh/Browns trade that is reported to have almost happened by some outlets and to have been nothing more than a phone call by others. It’s worth your time if you’re interested in how arguably the NFL’s most dysfunctional franchise operates.


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