CHICAGO (CBS) — Two CTA buses were apparently targeted and had their windows broken Thursday morning in the West Garfield Park neighborhood.

Police think someone may have shot at them with some kind of a gun.

At 10:10 a.m., one bus headed east on Jackson, the other headed west. Windows on both buses shattered near Kenton Street.

“I saw two shattered windows on the left side of the bus,” said Rita Swanigan.

Block club president Rita Swanigan saw one of the buses parked “after” the windows broke.

“One was near the front and one was near the back,” said Swanigan. “I thought maybe someone hit the windows, you know, threw a rock or something like that.”

The CTA says “unidentified objects” were hurled at the buses and that no one riding reported getting hurt. Police do not have a suspect yet.

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