(CBS) Lakers wing Nick Young has always been one of the more entertaining and honest NBA players with which to conduct interviews, but he really took it to a new level in a recent conversation with NBA.com.

Playing along to a game of “Would you rather?” Young gave thoughtful answers that turned out to be absolutely hilarious. Here’s the full piece, but below are some of the best responses he had.

Would you rather travel back in time or into the future?

I’d have to go back in time and change a few things. Pretty much just go back to my high school days, to see some of the girls I haven’t seen since high school. And I might go back to the ancient Greek times like in “300,” fighting against the Persians and then just zap back to the present day if I was about to get killed.

Would you rather live your life by the motto YOLO or Hakuna Matata (Drake vs. Simba)?

 I’m going to have to go Hakuna Matata. I still watch “The Lion King” to this day, and I like having no worries for the rest of my days. That lines up with Swaggy P philosophy. YOLO is pretty big, but I’m going to live forever, so I don’t need YOLO.

Would you rather be stuck on a deserted island by yourself or with one person you fully despite?

I’d have to be with somebody I hate. At least that would give me something to do. I could try to set up booby traps and stuff like that, you know? I’d end up creating somebody anyway if I were by myself, like Tom Hanks and Wilson. Eventually, the other person would start to like me and we could make a boat together.

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