By Suzanne Le Mignot

CHICAGO (CBS) — The escalated violence is causing great concern here in Chicago.

Serge Michaluk works for the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation in Chicago. He spoke to his four children and wife Julia via Skype, who are all are in Lviv Ukraine right now.

About 1000 miles away from them, turmoil is building in Crimea, as Russian troops invade the autonomous region.

“I feel a great worry how the things will evolve and what we have to expect,” said Serge’s wife, Julia Komar.

Michaluk says he feels, “A lot of emotions, a lot of feelings. Today, I really started worrying about my family.”

“The only relief that I have is that my family is located in the western part of Ukraine,” said Michaluk.

Yuriy Figel is the co-owner of Vidia, a Chicago based media outlet for the Ukrainian Diaspora. Figel’s friend, former ATR TV News Anchor Emine Dzhaparova is at the center of where all of the chaos is unfolding.

“They actually cordoned off the main building of Crimea and the parliament building. They have already set the Russian flags on the top of the roofs of the buildings,” Dzhaparova.

“Hopefully we can unite the West and the Ukrainian people can unite and show the Russian Federation that they must stop doing this,” said Figel.

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