CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago City Council’s Licensing Committee has approved of a measure aimed at keeping pet stores from selling animals raised in inhumane conditions.

The ordinance crafted by City Clerk Susana Mendoza would only allow pet shops to sell dogs and cats that came from places like animal shelters, humane societies or kennels.

Cari Meyers, head of the Puppy Mill Project, says her group has seen animals raised in crowded squalor.

“We were stunned to find out that puppy mills were legal, USDA licensed and inspected and in a word, we walked into puppy hell,” said Meyers.

Lane Boron, owner of Pocket Puppies in Lincoln Park, says the council should just crack down on irresponsible shops and not good ones like his.

“Is it not reasonable to go after the bad breeders and not legitimate businesses with no violations and mind you, make the effort to ensure their breeders have no violations as I have done?” said Boron.

He says it will put him out of business and workers out of their jobs.

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