By Dana Kozlov

(CBS) — It’s been an advertising blitz almost from the get-go, but now, GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner seems to be on the air more than ever.

But experts say he may end up buying the election simply because his opponents — State Treasurer Dan Rutherford and State Senators Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard — don’t have the cash to compete.

“There is no question he has bought name identification, but it is very superficial. Millions of dollars will do that,” said Brady.

Rauner’s spending is now historic. Campaign finance records show he contributed another million to his campaign Monday, bringing the total amount of his personal cash contributions to just over $6 million – more than any other candidate for governor in state history.

The final two weeks could prove critical.

“The big question on the money is will Mr. Brady or Mr. Dillard finally have enough money to finally Go on television?” said Roosevelt University’s Paul Green.

There are a few anti-Rauner ads funded by groups, not opponents. But Paul Green doesn’t expect Rauner’s spending to slow down now or if he wins later.

“He didn’t drop all of this money in the nomination in a primary race then to go cheap for the general election,” said Green.

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