(CBS) — The defense in the murder trial of Orland Park businessman Allan Kustok spent the day Wednesday trying to discredit the prosecution’s star witness.

Defense attorney Laura Morask spent the day questioning blood spatter expert Rod Englert’s methodology, how he recreated the murder scene, whether he was thorough in requesting DNA analysis, and how he came to the conclusion that the fine blood spray left by the gunshot was the result of someone standing over Anita “Jeannie” Kustok and not a self-inflicted wound, as the defense claims.

Englert never mentions the suicide theory in his report. He restated his belief that the position of the entry wound and blood spatter on the pillows, floor, the gun and on Allan Kustok’s shorts and shirt all “eliminate” the possibility of suicide.

When Morask asked why he didn’t even bring up the suicide theory, he said, “It’s not necessary. It’s not something that happened. This was a shooting, not a suicide.”

The defense will present its own blood spatter expert, who can be expected to come to a different conclusion.

Englert is expected to be the final prosecution witness. When he finishes his testimony Thursday, the defense is expected to put the Kustoks’ daughter, sportscaster Sarah Kustok, on the witness stand as its lead witness.

Sarah Kustok has voiced support for her father. The Kustoks’ son Zak, a former Northwestern University quarterback, has said pointedly that he was not attending court sessions to voice support for his father, but to show support for his wife, who was a prosecution witness.

The trial resumes at 9:30 a.m. Thursday before Associate Judge John Joseph Hynes at the Bridgeview Courthouse.

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