(CBS) –It’s the first night game of the season for the Cubs and this year that means a new free place to park for fans, something that can be good, and bad news for the neighborhood.

Fans lined up eager to start this season’s first night game during the week at Wrigley Field.

For some, one of the Cubs’ newest attractions lies just under 2-and-a-half miles from the field. It’s a free parking lot at 3900 North Rockwell, open only for fans headed to night and weekend games.

There is a fleet of buses to take fans to and from the ballpark – also at no charge.

“We have a constant rotation. Fans can come and go as they please,” said Gary Ball of First Student, Inc.

The Cubs say the lot offers up to a thousand parking spaces. The goals? To ease traffic congestion in surrounding neighborhoods and make driving to games easier for fans.

But just over the eastern fence of the lot are neighbors’ homes.

Tom Stockwell says neighbors thought the new lot would bring a nice new fence like a business next to it, but what they got was same old fence with a screen.

Even worse, he says, is the potential danger to families who will end up sharing streets near the lot with fans rushing to get there.

“Doesn’t seem like a real good plan,” said Stockwell.

The Cubs say shuttle service will also be available for postseason games and night games of a day-night doubleheader.

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