CHICAGO (CBS) — Crews are planning to repave 345 miles of roads as part of a promise from City Hall to fix streets plagued by potholes. They began work on Wednesday/

“For all that pain, 345 miles of gain,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez reports it would seem like cause for celebration, but Englewood resident Michael Wright calls it “ridiculous.” He claims his street has been covered in potholes for months and that calls to fill them in have gone unanswered.

“It was a hole right here. They came and laid dirt right here like it was gonna stop something,” said Wright.

It’s why he and his neighbors are having a hard time getting behind this effort meant to repave nearly 350 miles. Their worry is that the city will ignore where they live.

Wright said his car was damaged by hitting a pothole on 76th Street and that the repairs cost $600.

“They don’t even come down the block unless there’s somebody important who stays on the block,” said Wright.”

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