(CBS) — What started as a hobby has turned into a 45-year-old business for a Gold Coast woman, reports WBBM’s Regine Schlesinger.

83-year-old Betty Goldstein says as her children began growing older, she wanted something to do with her time.

“I talked to my sister and sister-in-law. I said, ‘Do you want to go into business?’ We started to needlepoint. And I didn’t know the first thing about neelepoint.”

But, she learned and for decades now, she’s been teaching others about the fine art of needlepointing and knitting at her shop, We’ll Keep You in Stitches, at 67 East Oak Street on the Gold Coast. She offers the lessons for free but sells supplies and finished needlepoints and knit items.

“From little designs goes to big designs and goes to something more impressive…I make a lot of coats here, a lot of jackets. I’m always knitting something and it seems to be whatever I knit, people want.”

In recent years, Goldstein’s seen an explosion in the number of knitters and among them, more men. Keefe Powell’s been learning to knit from her since November.

“My therapist suggested it as a relaxer and it works.”

He says his stress melts away when he’s knitting.

“I imagine I must drive Miss Betty crazy but, it’s relaxing to me.”

83-year-old Betty Goldstein, owner of We’ll Keep You in Stitches, turning out needlepoints and knitted items, all Made in Chicago.

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