(CBS) Former Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa wasn’t one of the icons invited back Wednesday for Wrigley Field’s 100-year anniversary celebration, and he was upset to miss out on the festivities, he told ESPN Deportes.

He also said he’s willing to sit down and make amends with the franchise.

“I should have been there,” Sosa told the website. “I would have liked to have been there. The Cubs know where to find me, and I hope to have the chance to clear up any misunderstanding.

“It has been 10 years since I played my last game with the Cubs. That’s a lot of time to not have had a conversation about this.”

Sosa left the Cubs on bad terms in 2004 when he walked out on the team in the regular-season finale, and his link to PEDs has also created distance between himself and the franchise.

“There is something that has to be resolved,” Sosa said, according ESPN Deportes. “If there is something to clarify, we will sit down and clear it up. Time has given me the maturity to reflect upon many things, including knowing that one side doesn’t have to be right all the time.”

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