(CBS) — The family of a West Pullman woman killed Friday night outside her home says they are “stunned” by her death – and they’re planning a vigil this next Friday evening in the neighborhood.

She was in her car and had just gotten back home at 116th and Laflin from a fundraiser for an organization that educates young people about violence.

That’s when Leonore Draper was shot. She died later in the hospital.

“This neighborhood has been historically middle class, single-family home neighborhood, inhabited by a lot of present and former Chicago police officers,” said Ronald Draper, Leonore’s father-in-law. “This is beyond stunning and tragic – something you don’t expect.”

He says he hopes the vigil Friday night at 10:30 – exactly a week after Leonore Draper was killed – will make people aware that random violence happens even in middle-class neighborhoods.

Ronald Draper says his son and Leonore Draper had just celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary last month.

Authorities say Leonore does not appear to have been targeted. Rather, she was caught in the crossfire between rival gangs.

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy noted she was one of four victims shot to death this weekend. But he admits: “This one happens to be a particular tragedy in that she was working to really stem the tide.”

Draper was working on the anti-violence fundraiser with her best friend, Jocelyn Delk Adams. Adams says honoring her friend’s memory “has become a new purpose in my life.”

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