(CBS) — A former journalist has mounted a one-woman crusade, encouraging employers to view dyslexic applicants as an opportunity instead of a problem.

Laura Cianci, founder of Jobs For Dyslexics, says the list of overachieving dyslexics is endless: Walt Disney, Andy Warhol, Thomas Edison, Richard Branson, Leonardo Da Vinci, John Lennon.

But she says since they process the written word more slowly than visual ideas, many human resources gatekeepers are unwilling to accommodate their special needs and talents.

Cianci, who has a dyslexic son, says dyslexics often have superb visual, leadership, and memory skills. But they’re seldom given extra time when its needed to finish application tests or read up on in-house instructions during the first weeks if they do get a job.

Cianci says she’s working with Dragon speech recognition software, as well as dyslexic researchers to create a support net for dyslexics who are applying for their first jobs out of school, or learning the ropes during their first job if they do get hired.

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