CHICAGO (CBS) — A vintage lunchbox mystery has made its way to the Chicago area–all the way from Levittown, N.Y.

Laurie Sykes’ 9-year old son, Connor, recently spotted inside the lid of a 50-something year old Huckleberry Hound lunchbox the name and address of the likely first owner–David Fisher of 431 Elm Avenue in west suburban Geneva.

Now, the Sykes would like to track down Fisher.

Sykes says there are all sorts of questions her son has such as, “What was it like when he grew up? What did he put in his lunchbox? What was his school like? What was it like growing up in a different state than me?”

Connor Sykes holds a vintage "Huckleberry Hound" lunch box that apparently once belonged to David Fisher of Geneva. (Credit: Laurie Sykes)

Connor Sykes holds a vintage “Huckleberry Hound” lunch box that apparently once belonged to David Fisher of Geneva. (Credit: Laurie Sykes)

Laurie Sykes says she thinks it would be great to give back the lunchbox to David Fisher if he’s found and wants it.

“Make the full circle,” she said. “He could give it to his grand kids one day and have them enjoy it.”

Laurie Sykes says she’s collected at least 120 vintage lunchboxes for the last 35 years. She says they take up two whole walls in her den.

This year, she relented and began allowing her son to take a different lunchbox to school each day.

The day he took the Huckleberry Hound lunchbox to school, it sparked curiosity because Connor had noticed inside the lid, David Fisher’s name and address.

Sykes says her son said he really wanted to find out who it belonged to.

Sykes did some investigating on her own but found out there were probably 640 David Fishers who would have lived in Illinois and been school age about the time the Huckleberry Hound lunchbox was used.

She showed her son online the house where Fisher had once lived.

And now, she continues her effort to find him.

And, Connor Sykes continues to take different lunchboxes to school.

His mom says he took a Charlie’s Angels lunchbox yesterday and chose a Care Bear Bunch lunchbox today.

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