CHICAGO (CBS) — The “hidden cash” craze in California has inspired a copycat in Chicago.

An intuitive young woman was able to follow clues, posted on Twitter by a user posting as @HiddencashChi, and find $60 in cash in Humboldt Park.

The first clue was posted early Monday, telling followers to “look for a spinner” in Humboldt Park.

Later, the mystery Twitter user posted a photo of the Fritz Reuter sculpture in Humboldt Park.

Tina Gadey, who was at the park with her daughter, discovered the envelope Monday morning.

“I see the tweets, and a tweet of the picture of the statue, and it said ‘Come find me.’ I look over, I’m like, ‘That’s the statue, let’s go,’” she said. “Then I found this envelope with a pinwheel, ran over, nobody else was around, and found 60 bucks.”

Clues to finding the money also included the message “pay it forward,” so Gadey said she plans to buy coffee for the person ahead of her and the person behind her in line when she buys her own.

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