Thunderstorm Brings Flooding, Funnel Clouds

(CBS) — A thunderstorm moved through the Chicago area Tuesday afternoon, which generated flooding and funnel clouds in the western suburbs.

A police sergeant shot a churning funnel cloud twisting and turning high above the Oak Brook Police Department tornado sirens blaring in the distance.

A funnel cloud in Hinsdale. (Credit: Twitter user m_sidd23)

A funnel cloud in Hinsdale. (Credit: Twitter user m_sidd23)

Another swirling spiral hung in the skies over Hinsdale, churning images that looked threatening but that the National Weather Service says typically only linger for a few minutes and never touch down.

What did touch down was heavy rain, enough to flood the Eisenhower at 25th and block traffic during the Tuesday evening rush.

IDOT crews worked to get motorists moving again. So far, no reports of major damage.

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