CHICAGO (CBS) — There is now a protest song and a music video to accompany the fight over the new O’Hare traffic pattern that has a lot of North Siders fed up.

WBBM’s Mike Krauser spoke with the songwriter, music instructor Joel Frankel.

“Just waking up every morning and noticing that it is like a mosquito that never leaves your ear, hearing these constant planes roaring,” said Frankel.

Frankel recorded the song and video with his daughter. It is now the anthem of the Fair Allocation in Runways (FAIR) Coalition, which wants the city to spread the noise among other neighborhoods.

“It’s just people who want a seat at the table. They are not saying close the airport, get rid of jobs because you are bothering our picnic,” said Frankel.

Some are saying do something about it or we are moving.

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