(CBS) In the latest from the you-can’t-make-this-up department, a Bears fan and a Packers fan got in a fight at a bowling alley in the rural Wisconsin town of Beaver Dam.

That’s believable enough, but the reasoning is the kicker. What had the two so heated? “Football and bad grammar led to a brawl,” according to WISN 12 TV in Milwaukee.

That’s what the police told the TV station. Unfortunately, WISN 12 didn’t have the exact details of what was said. It must’ve been lost in the heat of the fight.

What grammatical errors could actually induce a fight? You could understand there being disagreement over who’s going to win the NFC North next season. Or an argument with each side calling out the other’s defense. Or something about Julius Peppers and M.D. Jennings matriculating to the dark side.

But football fans upset by poor grammar? That’s crazy.

We just know this: The rivalry is alive and well.

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