(CBS) — There’s an update to the story of Sheba, a pitbull-mix shelter dog who’s sick with parvo and pneumonia — and the fundraising effort that’s been plagued by bogus donations.

Earlier in the week, a gofundme effort to raise money for Sheba’s medical expenses drew some big donations.

The problem: They were bogus.

But now, even though the fake donations are still coming in, there are enough real donations to push the fund for Sheba past the $18,000 mark.

And that has astounded the staff at Felines & Canines animal shelter on the North Side.

“Astounded is an understatement,” says Kelly Thompson, director of development. “The outpouring of love and support and donations and kind words has been, it’s incredible.”

Thompson says after hitting rock bottom, Sheba is doing slightly better. She’s lifting her head and sitting up. And her bloodwork is starting to show some slow improvement.

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