(CBS) — If you were walking around Lincoln Park earlier this month and thought you heard someone shout something nice, you weren’t imagining things.

WBBM’s Nancy Harty reports.

A two-minute YouTube video features DePaul University Digital Cinema Student Blake Grigsby shouting compliments from a convertible — sometimes using a megaphone — while a friend drives around the Chicago neighborhood.

It’s called “Drive By Compliments,” and it’s the second one on that theme.

The 20-year-old throws out lines like “I like your shirt!” or “I love your hair!” — trying to tailor it to the person.

He shouts to a postal worker that she reminds him of a daffodil.

Grigsby says he thinks more folks would compliment strangers, but they’re afraid people will get mad.

He says his experience has been very positive and usually results in a smile, a wave or thumbs up.

While he wants to be an actor, Grigsby insists this isn’t an act.

He says he enjoys doing it and leaves his targets with a nice story to tell later.

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