By Derrick Blakley

UPDATE: Following a Board investigation, Rummelhoff has been returned to teaching duties, but removed from all coaching activities. As with all CPS school staff, he has been directed to comply with Board policies in regards to communication with students.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Parents and swimmers at Lane Tech High School are demanding answers about the status of their highly successful swim coach.

Six months ago, coach Paul Rummelhoff was removed, pending investigation of charges of improper conduct with a female student, but there’s still no conclusion.

CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley reports both parents and swim team members believe all this has dragged on far too long. They want the investigation wrapped up, and they want their coach back.

Since January, Lane Tech swimmers have been practicing and competing without a leader. Now, they’re making an open plea for CPS to reinstate coach Paul Rummelhoff.

“We won the city championship the last four years. We’ve been undefeated and he’s the reason behind that,” said former Lane Tech swimmer Meghan Lavelle.

Rummelhoff was removed pending investigation of alleged inappropriate actions with a female student.

Lavelle says she didn’t believe that allegations and neither did the Department of Children and Family Services, which by February, ruled the charges “unfounded.” But Rummelhoff still hasn’t been returned to his old job.

Kim Boettcher, the parent of a Lane Tech swimmer, says Rummelhoff has gotten a “raw deal.”

CPS would only say, “it’s a continuing investigation,” when contacted by CBS 2. There is no word on how long it might continue, with with girls swim season starting next month.

In an e-mail, Paul Rummelhoff told Blakley he’s heard nothing from CPS since January 24, but wants to return and hopes cps doesn’t needlessly prolong the process.

Lane Tech swimmers and their parents intend to take their concerns to the school board at its meeting next Wednesday.

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