Police: Woman Arrested After Showing Off Stolen Dress On Facebook

“But first,
Let me take a selfie”
–The Chainsmokers, #SELFIE

By John Dodge

Danielle Saxton just loved her new dress.

She loved it so much, she snapped a few pics and posted on Facebook.

I only got 10 likes in the last 5 minutes
Do you think I should take it down?

This Facebook image landed Danielle Saxton in trouble. (Credit: Facebook)

This Facebook image landed Danielle Saxton in trouble. (Credit: Facebook)

The authorities in West Frankfort, Ill., liked it, too.

They loved it so much, that they arrested Saxton, 27.

She was charged with stealing the dress from a local boutique.

The neon, leopard pattern was anything but inconspicuous.

Within hours after the theft, the boutique owners posted pictures of the stolen dress to their Facebook page, and people quickly put the two pictures together and Saxton was identified, according to a report by WSIL-TV’s Samantha Jones.

“We just had a description and a direction of travel, but when the social media aspect played into it, we were able to identify who it was. And by looking at the background of the photograph we were able to pinpoint where she was at,” said West Frankfort Police Chief Shawn Talluto.

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